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Targets for EC2 appliance

Page history last edited by David Wagner 11 years, 8 months ago

* convert: JPG --> GIF

* convert: GIF --> JPG

* convert: PNG --> GIF

* ffmpeg: AVI --> WAV

* bunzip2

* gunzip


run mplayer on PSI cluster for now.


possible targets?


* gpg

* tor (reading config files)

* swfdec

* mupdf


A few ideas from DaveW:

* ffmpeg: MP3 --> WAV

* decompressors: unrar, unzip, 7zip decompressor, cabextract, gunzip, bunzip2, tar, lha, freearc, lzop, arc decompressor

* compressed file formats: ace, arj, bz2, cab, gz, lha, lzo, rar, tar, zip, zoo

* wireshark (they have a few pages on fuzzing wireshark decoders)

* realplayer?

* See the fuzzing book I gave DavidM for a few more ideas

* I think swfdec is a cool target; tor, less so.

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